Consistent with the ‘once’ philosophy, manage a master image and generate multiple outputs of differing size and format for all required solutions


Using one master image all necessary image formats and sizes can be generated automatically allowing for much simpler management of images within an organisation.

A direct feed in to XChecker will notify customers of products without images, allowing for a comprehensive product image library to be built and maintained easily.

Image Manager allows the user to upload an image then allocate that image to a part number (the user can also specify multiple images to one part number, or one image to multiple parts). You can then either manually enter this information or batch upload a new data file to update all / some / one record at a time.

PMD and MAM export formats of images are generated automatically and can be downloaded at any time.

Fully integrated with XChecker, Image Manager replaces the current image management tool. Images uploaded in Image Manager and XChecker will be populated with the relevant information.