Creative Core is an online Marketing Solution that allows companies to control their Brand Identity by locking down marketing material and centralising its creation

Online Marketing System

Complete Marketing Solution

Full Brand Control

Compatible with the Catalogue Creator and Image Manager products, Creative Core breaks down marketing material into reusable elements, allowing different sizes of the same marketing campaign to be created in multiple languages, across multiple media platforms (web, print & mobile) without the high cost of a design agency.

The internet based system has been built around the user experience and is easy to navigate, there are no special design or web skills required. The system simply controls and manages artwork and marketing material and is designed to then create full colour printer ready PDF documents at the touch of a button.

Creative Core provides a single area for users to store all of their company materials, making them available from anywhere where they have internet connection.

Output Print-Ready Consistency with Ease

You’re able to control and set the standard of marketing material created across the board, any size or shape of document can be outputted, whether it is an A6 mail-card or a giant poster.

Creative Core allows you to produce print-ready PDF artwork, at full print resolution, that can be sent direct to a commercial printer of your choice or, you can create smaller-run documents and send them straight to your desktop printer.