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XChecker is a complete online catalogue management system specifically tailored for the Automotive Aftermarket

Structured in such a way to allow easy data entry, efficient data storage and effective data output to hard copy, CD and online applications. The XChecker system facilitates the data management process and allows entry to multiple users in various locations.

More efficient

We can reduce your cataloguing hours with a link between the TecDoc and MAM vehicle indexes, allowing customers to define bespoke rules providing you with the freedom and ease to distribute your data to all markets.

Promote sales growth through the medium of printed or electronic catalogues, Xchecker is the only solution to consider if your objective is to lead the competition in the production of effective reference tools.

Easy to use, quick to learn

With familiar Windows-style visuals, simple icons and logical processes, users will quickly be able to more efficiently manage their parts ranges and produce valuable results.

A catalogue-style screen layout means it is easy to see what you are doing and how it will affect the output, whether for print catalogues, E-catalogs or 3rd party data supply.

Configurable for you

XChecker has the ability to apply and – most importantly - enforce company-specific standards on data input while adhering completely to proprietary file formats and their relevant deadlines.

Controlled customization of descriptors, differentiation criteria and technical information gives ‘Quality Standards’ for use both internally and externally.


Do it once, output many times

Potential to enhance the vehicle index(es) for other business needs eg region-specific models and off-highway vehicles not covered by your chosen index source.

Clear visibility of changes and additions made to the vehicle index used – a superb tool for driving range extension.

Potential for optimisation of synergy-links between different product groups.

With additional software, the potential to publish regular updates to websites, various 3rd parties and specifically to MAM AutoCat+ users on a daily basis.