XChecker assists in catalogue content within MAM’s Autocat+ system

One of the industry's largest National Factor Groups recently announced a partnership with MAM Software that will see major improvement and expansion amongst its catalogue content within MAM’s Autocat+ system.

We can confirm that the UK-based group are utilising Elcome’s online catalogue data management system, XChecker to manage much of the detail work.
The objectives are to increase parts supply accuracy to installers and simplify product searches for branch counter staff. By loading newly-researched added-value and streamlined data content via XChecker, the catalogue team will enable more fruitful searches and better differentiation of choices so the branch network can achieve right-first-time delivery more often.
Using XChecker to ensure continuous improvement in the quality and accuracy of catalogue content is a key part of the project and is one that Elcome’s increasingly popular product is well suited for.  

To book a product demonstration contact Stewart Cartman by calling 07930575440 or email: Stewart.Cartman@elcome.ltd.uk