Elcome announces the next stage in the drive for Quality and Professionalism

In our continuing upward journey for Quality and Professionalism we have recently created a new Quality Assurance department (QA) headed up by Andy Smithson with the support of Jacki Watt and Sophie Lambeth.

As we start to increase our commercial products alongside XChecker (Image Manager, Catalogue Creator and Creative Core) it is vital that the delivery of these products meets with our customer’s high standards. We will see this team starting to contribute as we start to deliver our exciting development plan.


As well as QA being responsible for the quality of our packaged products, QA will sit between the Customers and Products to ensure they meet all expectations. In future the QA department will liaise with a select few customers who will become part of our sign off procedure.


Over the past 12 months each new release of Xchecker has already benefited from re-coding to match Elcome’s new standards. Some of the benefits are quicker releases, more stable, increased response time, which we a lot of you have noticed.


Elcome’s continued commitment and investment for improving quality means we will expand the new coding standards and introduce Agile project management as well as Scrum methodology within other parts of our service.


Tim Entwistle – MD commented "It is very exciting to start to see this investment now filtering through to our products as well as Customers now positively recognising this, but what is now important is that we rapidly build on this".