Elcome & Headline are proud to announce a new partnership that will harness the power of Competitor Information and Car Parc statistics.

Elcome’s application RAS (Range Analysis System) is a versatile and intuitive data analysis tool that, amongst numerous other qualities provides users with an extensive range of reports to analyse, understand and improve their market position. Coupled with Headline’s fully specified (70+ vehicle attributes) Global Car Parc data – spanning 70 countries worldwide – and a diverse range of aftermarket product groups with TecDoc linkages, the RAS system will become the greatest tool in this competitive automotive market.

Both parties hope that, by sharing and combining resources and knowledge, it will further cement their positions within the automotive aftermarket, as new customers seek Elcome and Headline as a new partner in the field of Automotive Data Management Software and Car Parc data respectively.

Elcome’s Managing Director, Tim Entwistle commented “Our new alliance with Headline is a fantastic step forward for Elcome. We see this as just the start of our working relationship with Headline; our aim is to further expand the service across our product portfolio”.

We are proud to announce that RAS is now available with Headline Car Parc data. For more information, please call Elcome direct on 01793 845144 and speak to our New Business Development Manager, Stewart Cartman.